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weCREATE's First Multilingual Website

Gurung Himalayan Tea - built in WIX using the NEW Multilingual App

As an approved WIX expert, I receive requests from all over the world to build websites or to support clients who have been building their own website and require a designer's help to complete their project.

Gurung Tea is a great company located in Hong Kong, who were seeking support with the completion of their website design, but more importantly with converting it to a multilingual website.

weCREATE recommended that they use the new WIX multilingual function and the client was thrilled. The client was unaware that is function even existed and was delighted when I took them through the functionality of not only the websites main pages, but also within their website shop pages and shop back-office.

I worked with the client remotely Via Skype to setup the multilingual website, giving them training as we progressed to give them the flexibility to edit the website themselves as and when required, should she wish too.

Once the multilingual functions were in place, I worked with the client to redesign the website.

Gurung Tea is a Social Enterprise company, that was founded in 2006 by two entrepreneurial friends, who, whilst traveling through Nepal conceive the idea of a tea that would help alleviate poverty.

Gurung Tea, source all their organic herbs from small farmers in the area of Nawalparasi district. The farmers are supported by Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture (ANSAB)
Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources).

Gurung work closely with ANSAB to encourage local businesses to follow eco-friendly conservation efforts. Livelihood improvement initiatives have resulted in an expansion of usable farming area, whilst providing an increase in the average monthly wage rate of the farmers.

This stable income has enabled more than 98% of the children in the communities to access education compared to only 40% ten years ago.

weCREATE has been proud to work with a client who efforts in Nepal have invested in local communities.

Visit their website at

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