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Content Development

What is Content Development?

Content Development is the process of researching, writing, gathering, organising and editing information for publication primarily on websites, however, it is relevant to all forms of publicated communications.   


Content Development may consist of prose, text, graphics, pictures, recordings, movies or other digital assets.


I will work with you to identify content to best suit your business needs and can update existing websites or documents and create from new to your specification.


Email a link to your website and request a quote for a review of your content and layout.



Unique & Engaging Content Development

Unique and engaging content is vital for any website to ensure that it is marketing your business or services effectively.


When was the last time you visited your own website or your competitor's website?


Ask yourself if the content on your website is up to date with your current products and services?


Does it reflect the ethos of your business?


Has your business grown and developed since you last updated your website? Have you ever updated your website?


Social Media is a huge forum and many users will post requests for recommendations on products or services to their friends. Is part of your content strategy to ensure that your website accessible to Social Media? 


weCREATE can help you review your current website content and work with you to ensure that it is up to date and reflects your current business and marketing strategies.

Blog​​​ Content Development


My Top Tips 

Quite often we meet clients who say they simply don't have time to do a blog. However on reviewing their existing content it becomes clear that they already have everything they need to create their blog, they simply need to make the most of the content they have already developed.  


A Blog can be a key piece of your Digital Marketing Strategy. Why? Because search engines like Google LOVE new content. Their algorithms respond to new content being added to your website in particular in the form of blogs and because of this they will rank your website or blog higher in search engine results 


If you are already active on Social Media like, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn the chances are you are already creating the basis of great content but don't realise it...



Have a look yourself, does your current Social Marketing lend itself to Content Development for a blog? Maybe you attended a recent Event like a Bridal Fair, or had a stall at a local fair? Have you launched new products or services? Is there a new technique within your industry you've been sharing on social media?


  You'll be surprised when you view your current content how easily it could be developed a little further into a blog post. 


But, surely you need to post a blog every week and you just don't have time for that? 


Well, yes, regular content is important, but that doesn't mean you need to do it every week. You can write all your blogs posts for 1 month in a few hours and then schedule them to launch at different times throughout the month. 


Suddenly a weekly workload for a blog has turned into a few hours a month...



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