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Could You Benefit From The Physical Recovery Coach?

weCREATEco are excited to announce the launch of the Physical Recovery Coach website.

The Physical Recovery Coach is based in Weymouth, Dorset, and offers a range of services to assist clients with physical recovery from injury, operations and illnesses.

Kate is trained in specialist exercise and nutrition management and is a qualified level 4 specialist fitness trainer.

Kate offers tailored programmes for exercise, stress management, habit changes, sleep patterns and nutritional advice.

The Physical Recovery Coach services include:

Injury Rehab

Back Pain Management

Personal Trainer

To learn more visit Physical Recovery Coach

weCREATEco worked with Kate to build a website to suit her budget that best marketed her business and services.

If you need a website building or redesigning, get in touch, we love to talk...

Contact Mel on 0787 8762174 or email approved Wix Expert

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