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Digital Marketing Dorset weCREATE

Why Pick weCREATE for your Digital Marketing?

Marketing strategies are expensive, aren't they?


Well, no, not all marketing strategies are expensive.

It depends on the channel you use.


Marketing can be good value for money if utilised correctly.


We offer a 1 hour review of your current marketing for only £65.


So call us on 07878762174  or send an inquiry to

and let's start reviewing how we can market your business more effectively.

Using These Marketing Techniques​​​

My Top Tips 



When thinking of direct marketing you immediately think of mail marketing such as:

letters, flyers, postcards, brochures, catalogues and other promotional mail services.


With the advances in technology, this has developed to include email & text marketing. Both of which can be relatively low cost and direct to your customer in an instant.


Data collection of email addresses and mobile phone numbers is vital. The larger the subscription list you have, the further your message will go.


The success or failure of any direct response marketing effort completely hinges on the quality of the mailing list.


You can have the most incredible products or services, make the most attractive offer ever, and execute award-winning creative designs, but, if you’re not getting them in front of the eyes and into the hands of the right audience, your direct response marketing effort will fail. Completely.


What is the cost of direct marketing data?


Prices vary depending on your needs but you could expect to pay 20p per contact for postal addresses with phone numbers, 25p for email addresses with phone numbers, 35p if you want both email and postal addresses.


Get your data for FREE by adding a subscription list to your website, which will encourage data collection, as will simple email contact forms.

Direct Marketing




Google My Business Dorset

How often do you say, Google it?!

When you want to find a product, service or even the answer to a simple question, you Google it!

This is why Search Engine Marketing is so effective.


To ensure that you are rated highly within major search engines and that your message or product is seen by those searching for your brand-related items or services, your website needs to have a Google Analytics tracking code installed and be registered with Google Webmaster.


A Site Map of your website is uploaded to Google Webmaster, so not only does Google know that your website exists on the world-wide web, but it also knows how many pages you have and what content is on each of those pages.


You can purchase ads on the major search engines to increase your ranking, these are called PPC (Paid Per Click) where you pay for each click from your advert through to your website. 


If that all seems a little mind-boggling, for only £85 we'll take the hassle out of it for you and will set up your Google Analytics & Webmaster for you.


We can even help set up your Google ads words. We'll work with Google to match your business to their key AdWords and access the best £ per click budget to get your business highly ranked.


Google Business Plus puts you on the map improving your Google rating.


For only £85 we can set up your Google Business Plus page and produce your advert as seen here for Daisy B Nell.

Search Engine Marketing SEO Dorset
Word of Mouth Marketing Dorset
Word of Mouth

How Word of Mouth Has Moved Digital...


For small businesses, word of mouth can mean everything. It can be their sole marketing strategy. 


After all what’s better than a recommendation from a friend? As long as you can trust that friend’s opinion, nothing is better.


You can get a first-hand account of a friend’s experience and enquire about the service they received from a business before committing to using their products or services.


Smart business owners know this, and that’s why they treat customers well and offer generous discounts & promotions for referrals.


Until the success of the internet, word of mouth marketing was one of the best marketing strategies for small businesses, but as the consumer has become more internet savvy so having a website could be the difference between winning or losing a potential new customer.


We're a nation that likes to compare prices and services online and a website gives your business credibilty, as online testimonials further validate word of mouth.


With the growth of Social Media, Word of Mouth has become digital as people ask for recommendations on these platforms when searching for products or services. 


The next step is to include a link to either a Social Media page or website to further validate the recommendation they are giving. 


Does your Social Media and or Website showcase the best of your business?


All our website builds are customised to your business needs as we know marketing and we know that one size does not fit all...


Our yearly domain and hosting starts from £130pa


Our standard SEO packages are available for only £85


Your website could be up and running in a matter of weeks for as little as £700


We don't charge monthly maintance fee's as we believe you should only pay for the work we do. 


For more on our websites...



Examples of Call To Action Marketing


These can be banner, text or graphic ads that prompt visitors to a website to click through and enter the sales conversion funnel.


They can be very effective, but the offer must be enticing, and the landing page must also contain a strong call to action.

Call To Action Can Include:

Forms, Buttons & Info Graphics and Simply Text

Success! Message received.

Digital Marketing Weymouth Dorset
Call To Action Marketing Dorset
Viral Marketing Dorset



Telekinetic coffee shop surprise video - Film release Carrie 2013

How a Social Media Post or Video can go Viral...


Viral marketing is one of the most effective forms of online marketing.


Viral marketing campaigns are usually centered around video as a video is one of the most effective ways to spread a message on the Internet.


Viral video's are everywhere online, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, to name just a few. The chances are you yourself have watched a viral video recently. 



You may believe the video you're watching has nothing to do with marketing but smart marketers find ways to sneak a brand reference into what will soon become a highly watched video.


The video, titled “Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise” set up a prank in a coffee shop with several actors and lots of stunts to scare customers into thinking that something supernatural was occurring in the middle of their ordinary day.


The video ends with the smallest amount of footage from the upcoming film, the title, and the release date.


Rather than simply trying to hook viewers with a standard film trailer, the marketers took Carrie out of the world of fiction and placed her in an actual coffee shop. Though we know it’s not real, the reactions of the customers are.


An exceptional example of how viral marketing works. To date, this video has over 60 million views!


Now that's viral!

Social Media

How Social Media is the NEW Word of Mouth


Social media marketing is one of the most popular forms of inbound marketing.


Would you be surprised to hear that Twitter has 255 million active users

who collectively send 500 million tweets each and every day?


Did you know that there are more than 50 million Facebook Pages, that 20 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram?


Customers can be reached instantly anywhere in the world via social networks.


Consider yourself, how many hours do you spend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin?


Sites like Linkedin are ideal for social media marketing.


As it's primary function is networking, when done correctly, the audience won’t even realize that they are being sold on a product or service.


Are you making the most of Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin?


For only £85 we will setup or update your accounts.


No time to keep up to date on Social Media?


Give us to call to discuss your bespoke Social Media plan and we'll maintain your Social Media for you.

We'll post, tweet & network your business & services.

Social Media Marketing Dorset

Email Marketing

The Do's & Don't's of Email Marketing



Email marketing can be a very effective form of outbound marketing that gets results.


However, there are important do's and don’ts to ensure success.


If you are purchasing an email list you need to ensure that it comes from a reliable source to ensure that your email marketing does not become a SPAM designation for your domain, resulting in future emails being delivered to a person’s SPAM folder, or possibly not at all.


With Email Marketing, you can utilise business networking groups and business networking site lists, for example, Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter.


These emails will provide you with the list you need for your marketing efforts.


There is some great system out there to help get your Email Marketing campaign off the ground. MailChimp is a great way to get started although the setup can be a little difficult to master when you first get started. Wix Shoutouts are great, simple, and easy to use and are integrated within our website builds. 


Just remember, when you are first starting out, any type of basic marketing strategies, marketing plans, marketing ideas and marketing tactics will give you the edge and help get your business up and running.

Email Marketing Dorset
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